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515HO00352 EXPRESS kappa casein BB

New to the AI Total US portfolio is 515HO00352 EXPRESS. With an outcross pedigree, EXPRESS (Hodedoe x Expresso x Commander) excels in milk production with positive components: +1725 lbs milk with +0.07%F  and 0.06%P. Express also is BB for Kappa Casein.

Together with phenomenal production EXPRESS daughters combine this with + 6.4 Productive Life.

EXPRESS is the only available bull with >+850NM$, in combination with > +1720 PTAM, > +0.06 PTA %F, > +0.05 PTA %P, > +6.3 PL, > +1.80 UDC sloped Rumps, positive Teat Length and overall a positive Fertility Index.

EXPRESS is born out of the same family as 515HO00318 MITCHELL. The great granddam Aurora Mayfield VG-85 is the granddam of Mitchell. 

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