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515HO00354 HANNIBAL siring the modern kind

515HO00354 Midas-Touch HANNIBAL is exactly the kind of bull many of the modern dairy farmers are looking for. HANNIBAL sires high protein (+ 66 PTAP) with A2/A2 for Beta Casein and combines this with +233 FE (Feed Efficiency) and medium sized cows with Stature (Sta +0.70).

Looking at Hannibal’s breeding pattern he shows:

- A super production level with +1535 lbs PTA Milk and +172 lbs Fat and Protein
- A2/A2 for Beta Casein
- Huge Feed Efficiency +233 FE
- Average sized cows (+0.70) with strength (+0.86) and sloped rumps (+0.52)
- Fantastic udders with good teat length, (UDC +2.26)

HANNIBAL is an Eldorado x Rubicon from the Cookiecutter Halo line of the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 cow family. 

Hannibal is available both conventional and SEXED available.

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