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Dam of 515HO00356 PAUL

515HO00356 DG PAUL is globally recognized with breeders as one of the most interesting solutions for the commercial dairy farmer, as he sires medium-sized cows with plenty of strength, which are highly productive producing A2A2 milk out of super healthy and well-attached udders and are easy to breed back.

This excellent genetic package is built from a strong and solid breeding foundation, Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS. Crimson is globally recognized as one of the greatest brood cows of her time. The closest three dams in the maternal line of 515HO00356 PAUL are all still producing and within the group of highest producing, most healthy and efficient cows in their herds.

515HO00356 PAUL's dam, Exloer DG Carbony VG-NL-2YR 88-MS, is projected in her first lactation at over 22,000 lbs of milk in 305 days, is medium-sized, has plenty of strength with a perfect rump structure and a super attached udder with optimum teat placement.

515HO00356 DG PAUL is the #1 GTPI bull in the breed who combines:
√ A2A2
√ >1300 Milk
√ >1.8 DPR
√ >1.3 UDC
√ <2.75 SCS


Pictures of his dam, Exloer DG Carbony VG-NL-2YR VG-88-MS