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New American Bull Stud to offer Dairy Fleckvieh Sires

AmeriFLECK Dairy Genetics is now offering the first Geneseek/lgenity tested Dairy Fleckvieh sires born in the United States. Semen from six bulls backed by outstanding cow families are now available for dairy farmers to use in crossbreeding, absorption, purebred, or three-way rotational breeding programs. The three-way rotational breeding program using Dairy Fleckvieh sires is now referred to as the "Power Cross", due to the strength provided by the Fleckvieh component.

The Fleckvieh breed is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. It is the second most populous breed in the world, being in excess of 42 million head. They are docile, quiet, long-lived, fertile, and incredibly trouble-free cattle that can compete in all environments. They produce ample milk with high components (4.2% fat and up to 3.8% protein) with low somatic cell counts. Milking persistence is excellent. Well-managed herds are achieving milk production levels exceeding 25,000 pounds.

The milking Fleckvieh is a dual-purpose breed that also excels in beef production. The muscling adds overall strength, hardiness, and longevity. No doubt, cows with muscle can milk. Another excellent attribute of Fleckvieh is their considerably higher beef value of cull cows and male offspring.

            Marvin Johnson, DVM founded AmeriFLECK Dairy Genetics thirteen years ago. Semen and embryos were imported through Bayern, Spermex, and CRV to provide a genetic base to develop the current herd of 750 head. An intensive embryo transfer program has been utilized to rapidly increase the numbers of calves from the superior female lines. Thirty to 40 young bulls are retained annually for genomic testing to provide a source of new bulls and different pedigrees. “We hope that farmers who use our sires have as much satisfaction with the Fleckvieh breed as we do,” Johnson shared.

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