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He makes it HAPPEN

Are you looking for the best possible TYPE bull without compromising for PRODUCTION? This is the bull who makes it HAPPEN!

515HO00370 Siemers HAPPEN (A2A2) pictured again as a two-year-old has developed into an outstanding bull. His beautiful looks, combined with his exceptional pedigree and unique breeding values makes him one of the most attractive bulls in the top of the type league. 


THE #1 GTPI bull in the breed combining:
    >3.70 PTAT
    >3.00 UDDERS
    >900 MILK

THE #1 UDDER bull in the breed >105 Fat + Protein

THE #1 PTAT bull in the breed >2700 GTPI, >-0.4 Rump Angle and >3.04 UDDERS

One of the greatest FEET & LEGS bulls in the breed, with the IDEAL set of legs:
+0.37 Rear Legs Rear View / +2.55 Rear Legs Rear View

515HO00370 Siemers HAPPEN is available in conventional and sexed semen.
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