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NAABFull nameNameGTPINet MeritPTATDeadline
515HO00341Hul-Stein BreezerBREEZER
+2807+997+1.57To be confirmed
515HO00351Regan-Danhof T CaseCASE
+2787+812+3.11To be confirmed
515HO00338DG EagleEAGLE
+2718+883+1.72To be confirmed


515HO00341 Hul-Stein BREEZER
Achiever x Octoberfest x Supersire
GTPI +2807 // Net Merit$ +997

Moeder Regan-Danhof Jedi Cashmere VG-88

515HO00351 Regan-Danhof T CASE
Tarrino x Jedi x Jacey
No. 1 available GTPI bull in the breed combining 70 lbs of protein and 3.00 PTA Type

DG Albero Enrica

515HO00338 DG EAGLE
Imax x Montross x Supersire
RZG +160 with positive teat length, huge production and positive DPR