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CASE: unique new start in the lineup

April 22, 2019
515HO00351 Regan-Danhof T CASE is the No. 1 available GTPI bull in the breed combining >70 lbs of protein and >3.00 PTA Type! CASE is unique combining his huge type of +3.11 PTAT with an incredible production level of +1920 lbs of milk and positive components (+0.08% Fat and +0.05% Protein), resulting in a sky-high 170 lbs combined Fat + Protein.
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Spring 2019 Sire Directory NOW ONLINE

April 22, 2019
Check out our Spring 2019 Sire Directory! Featuring several new sires with elite GTPIs, tremendous Net Merit, high type, components, production, A2A2 and more!
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Indexs have been UPDATED!

April 2, 2019
The website has been updated with the new indexes for April 2019 also added are the NEW bulls to the lineup.
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MITCHELL now available SEXED

March 12, 2019
515HO00318 MITCHELL is now available SEXED. MITCHELL, the bull that checks a lot of boxes: Huge Type, Excellent Health Traits, Great Production, High Milk, Different bloodline and last but not least +2810 GTPI.
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307HO00002 HONG fits many breeding strategies

February 19, 2019
When you study the profile of 307HO00002 HONG, you can describe him as an absolute complete bull. Hong is the genetic solution for many breeding strategies. On production as well as on type and health traits, HONG fits perfect for many matings. Besides the +1577 pounds of milk, HONG breeds positive on components (+0.04% Fat and +0.04% Protein). Regarding quality, HONG has BB for Kappa Casein and A2/A2 for Beta Casein.
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