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307HO00002 HONG fits many breeding strategies

February 19, 2019
When you study the profile of 307HO00002 HONG, you can describe him as an absolute complete bull. Hong is the genetic solution for many breeding strategies. On production as well as on type and health traits, HONG fits perfect for many matings. Besides the +1577 pounds of milk, HONG breeds positive on components (+0.04% Fat and +0.04% Protein). Regarding quality, HONG has BB for Kappa Casein and A2/A2 for Beta Casein.
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Dam of 515HO00299 RIVAL now EXCELLENT-94

January 29, 2019
Kings-Ransom Davin Rival the Davinci daughter and dam of 515HO00299 RIVAL is now EXCELLENT-94. RIVAL has been a popular mating sire in the AI Total US line-up since his release. Backed by the newly-scored EX-94 Davinci daughter and a deep maternal line from the Kings-Ransom Lordlily Ruby family is where RIVAL gets his solid type figures
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GORMAN: component specialist

January 14, 2019
515HO00332 GORMAN increases components in your herd with a combined Fat + Protein (CFP) of an impressive +138 lbs. The CFP consists of +91 lbs of Fat (+0.19%) and +47 lbs of Protein (+0.06%). Score for Milk production is a good +1004 lbs, GORMAN is the perfect choice for farmers that get paid for Fat and/ or Protein. No surprise, Net Merit is a high +879 NM$.
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Dam of 515HO00336 BLUES RED now VG-85

January 2, 2019
Batouwe Salsa Aiko Red is now Very Good-85-NL (1st Lactation). She is the No. 1 Salsa daughter in Europe and dam of 515HO00336 BLUES RED. The only RED bull available that combines >2600 GTPI and >2000 lbs of milk! He also scores high on health traits and is backed by the Altitudes.
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Winter 2018 Sire Catalog NOW ONLINE

December 18, 2018
Providing Genetics Solutions! Follow the link to check out our tremendous lineup including 515HO0318 MITCHELL with a GTPI of +2810 and PTAT of +3.15; 288HO00216 HANIKO with a PTAT of +4.04 and 515HO00336 BLUES RED with a GTPI of +2626.
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