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Bull indexes updated to Dec2019 numbers

December 3, 2019
The website has been updated with the new indexes for December 2019.
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288HO00188 EMILIO daughter 2nd at Spanish National Show

October 24, 2019
Flora Emilio Tartaleta, sired by 288HO00188 EMILIO, was the only fresh daughter of EMILIO at the recent Spanish National Show and placed 2nd in first milk class. Tartaleta is classified VG-88 at 28 months of age. Breeders across the globe are extremely impressed with the early fresh EMILIO daughters, they have very good udders and are milking machines.
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553HO00344 JOHNSON available SEXED

October 18, 2019
Add 553HO00344 SEXED JOHNSON to your tank today! A great bull with LOADS of PRODUCTION! Johnson is beta casein A2A2 with >2000 lbs of Milk and tremendous feed efficiency +236.
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Video of 515HO00350 ARMAGEDON P

October 17, 2019
One of the most exciting bulls in the high type PTAT ranking and POLLED is 515HO00350 ARMAGEDON P. He is the ONLY available bull in the breed combining: >850 lbs of Milk , >0.07% PROTEIN , >3.45 UDC (Udders), >3.40 PTAT (Type) and >-0.10 RA (Rump Angle)
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515HO00354 HANNIBAL siring the modern kind

October 8, 2019
515HO00354 Midas-Touch HANNIBAL is exactly the kind of bull many of the modern dairy farmers are looking for. HANNIBAL sires high protein (+ 66 PTAP) with A2/A2 for Beta Casein and combines this with +233 FE (Feed Efficiency) and medium sized cows with Stature (Sta +0.70).
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