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MITCHELL 4 STAR fertility bull

March 14, 2023
Each month ATA processes the dairy records for over 900,000 cows. Through this data ATA calculates the actual Conception Rates on bulls being used by dairymen providing data. Bulls are ranked using STARS with the bulls with the highest conception rates getting 5 STARS and those with the lowest conception rates only 1 STAR. 515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL has now earned 4 STARS (4 out of 5 stars) based on 753 inseminations on 14 different farms! In addition to his faultless profile, both in terms of type and production and the daughters who perform everywhere, his semen also remains very fertile.
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Now Hiring

January 30, 2023
Genetics Consolidated is looking for an energetic and service-minded team member to help promote growth across AI Total US. Follow the link to learn more about the Business Unit Manager position.
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Four AI TOTAL US sires in the GLOBAL Top 200 TPI Genomic Young Bulls

January 17, 2023
AI TOTAL is proud to have four bulls in the Top 200 TPI Genomic Young Bulls (December 2022 evaluations, Holstein USA)
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Highlights December 2022 Proof – Type Sires

December 19, 2022
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MITCHELL results

December 19, 2022
515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL EX-91-CAN (Mitchell x Bombero): This OUTCROSS daughter proven sire keeps surprising and has absolutely no limit as now being the #10 GTPI Age Rank bull at +2798 GTPI! Mitchell adds 460 daughters to his production proof and 227 daughters to his TYPE proof. Mitchells are very sustainable cows (+0.9 LIV / +3.6 PL), which are easy to breed back (+0.7 DPR), have healthy udders (2.67 SCS) and great TYPE (+2.43 PTAT) with medium stature, amazing udders (+1.70 UDC) and positive teat length. He is suitable to use on heifers with 1.9% SCE and is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).
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