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He makes it HAPPEN

November 30, 2021
Are you looking for the best possible TYPE bull without compromising for PRODUCTION? This is the bull who makes it HAPPEN! 515HO00370 Siemers HAPPEN (A2A2) pictured again as a two-year-old has developed into an outstanding bull. His beautiful looks, combined with his exceptional pedigree and unique breeding values makes him one of the most attractive bulls in the top of the type league.
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CDCB releases December Evaluation Changes

November 4, 2021
CDCB has announced the changes being implemented for the triannual evaluations on December 7, per the new post, Changes to CDCB Evaluation System. Genetic evaluations for Residual Feed Intake (RFI) will be improved using variance adjustments and a higher estimated heritability. The higher heritability increased the reliability of pedigree evaluations for RFI from 26.8% to 30.6% for sires that had at least 10% reliability. A further increase to 32.0% reliability resulted from including 998 new RFI records. Changes in Feed Saved will be less apparent than for RFI, because the Body Weight Composite PTAs are very stable. Additionally, thousands of records from several additional countries may be added in April 2022 – providing even more benefit.
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September 23, 2021
The combination of +1760 Milk, with positive components, a positive Mastitis and Fertility index and +1.89 PTAT is the unique combination of qualities offered by the new AI Total US sire 515HO00380 Pine-Tree MESSI. The Dante son, MESSI is a Beta Casein A2A2 sire and belongs to the best bulls of the breed for the Zoetis Dairy Wellness Profit index at DWP$ 921. MESSI is available SEXED and Conventional with your AI Total distributor.
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515HO00359 LOTTO RED daughter WINS

September 10, 2021
Willows-Edge Lotto Marieke-Red placed first in the spring heifer class at the Minnesota State Fair. Marieke is owned by Willows-Edge Holsteins, Wisconsin.
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Changes to CDCB evaluation system

August 10, 2021
The new Lifetime Net Merit (NM$) including Feed Saved (FSAV), Heifer Livability (HLIV) and Early First Calving (EFC), along with a number of new parameters and assumptions, will be introduced in the August 2021 evaluation. Residual Feed Intake (RFI) will be displayed directly, rather than FSAV which combines RFI and Body Weight Composite (BWC).
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