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515HO00338 EAGLE new video NOW ONLINE

September 17, 2019
One of the breed leading sires in multiple different index systems. ✔ A2A2 ✔ Huge production: >2000 Milk and +70 Protein ✔ >2 points udders with +0.64 Teat Length ✔ Net Merit$ +864 ✔ +159 gRZG
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515HO00352 EXPRESS kappa casein BB

September 17, 2019
New to the AI Total US portfolio is 515HO00352 EXPRESS. With an outcross pedigree, EXPRESS (Hodedoe x Expresso x Commander) excels in milk production with positive components: +1725 lbs milk with +0.07%F and 0.06%P. Express also is BB for Kappa Casein. Together with phenomenal production EXPRESS daughters combine this with + 6.4 Productive Life. EXPRESS is the only available bull with >+850NM$, in combination with > +1720 PTAM, > +0.06 PTA %F, > +0.05 PTA %P, > +6.3 PL, > +1.80 UDC sloped Rumps, positive Teat Length and overall a positive Fertility Index. EXPRESS is born out of the same family as 515HO00318 MITCHELL. The great granddam Aurora Mayfield VG-85 is the granddam of Mitchell.
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Fall 2019 Sire Directory NOW ONLINE

August 20, 2019
Check out our Fall 2019 Sire Directory! Featuring several new sires with elite GTPIs, tremendous Net Merit, high type, components, production, A2A2 and more!
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Indexes have been UPDATED

August 13, 2019
The website has been updated with the new indexes for August 2019.
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CDCB Changes Coming in the Fertility Evaluations

August 12, 2019
In summary, the introduction of the new “stability package” will result in lower values for recent bulls, affecting most fertility traits. The table shows the changes for heifer conception rate (HCR), cow conception rate (CCR), and daughter pregnancy rate (DPR) that will be observed in the August run in comparison to the April 2019 evaluations. These changes will produce fertility evaluations that are considerably more accurate in future evaluations.
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